YEMEN UNI . J. N. (5)العدد الخامس (3)


The propagation of dust acoustic (DA) solitary waves in two-dimension dusty plasma containing adiabatic electrons and ions and negatively charged dust fluid has been investigated by considering a new expression for the polarization force effect. The Kadomstev–Petviashvili (KP) equation is derived by using reductive perturbation technique. The stability analysis is discussed for the existence of DA solitary waves. The expression for the energy of DA solitary waves has been derived as well. The effects of the adiabaticity of electrons-ions, ion temperature, electrons-to-ions density ratio and polarization force on the basic properties of the DA solitary waves have been investigated. It is shown that the effects of adiabaticity, ion temperature and polarization force significantly modify the basic properties (amplitude, width and speed) of the DA solitary waves. It is also shown that the soliton energy is increased with the increase of adiabatic index but decreased with the increase of polarization force.